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Animal Licensing

There are two main By-laws that regulate pets.

 1.  The Animal Control By-law (No. 2014-19)
 2.  The Noise By-law (No. 2159)

Animal Control By-law

The Animal Control By-law requires that all dogs must have a Municipality of East Ferris dog tag. In addition, all dogs must be kept on a leash that is no longer then two (2) metres in length when off of private property or they must be confined to your property at all times.

Pets that are permitted to roam are vulnerable to disease and injury and will be brought to All Heart Pet Rescue.  Animals are held at the shelter for a maximum of three days.  After three days the rights to the animal will be considered to be held by the Municipality and its representatives/agencies.  Shelter fees must be paid prior to the dog being returned. 

Dog tags are available at the Municipal Office for an annual cost of $20.00 for the first dog tag and $10.00 for each additional tag. 

Dog Tag Form

If you have any questions please contact the Municipal Office at 705-752-2740.

If you see a dog running at large, please contact The North Bay and District Humane Society at (705) 474-1251. 


Noise Control By-law

The Noise By-law states that no person shall cause or permit the emission of sound, persistent barking, whining or other similar persistent noise making by any domestic pet in the Municipality.

It is the owners' responsibility to ensure that their pet does not interfere with the neighbours enjoyment of their property. 

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