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The Municipality of East Ferris is taking additional health and safety measures against COVID-19.

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Emergency Plan

Municipal Emergency Plan

The Municipality of East Ferris has a Municipal Emergency Plan. Please review it to better understand the official roles and responsibilities.

The Emergency Plan also lists the consequences for each hazard identified as potentially occurring in East Ferris. Please review the HIRA Pages contained within the plan to discover what you can do to mitigate the consequences of an emergency.

For general information on hazards visit the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.

It is important that you are prepared! In the event of a major disaster it may take time for the responders to get to you.

Tips to get Prepared

  1. Make a Plan (visit the Municipality's Be Prepared page for tips on escape plans);
  2. Have a 72 Hour Emergency Kit readily available and make sure everyone knows where it is; and
  3. Read up on the hazards identified and know what your needs will be in the emergency.

Emergency Management Ontario has a great site that will get you prepared. Visit  “Are You Prepared?” for more information.

If you have questions please call the Municipal Office and speak with Fire Chief Frank Loeffen at 705-752-2740 ext 224 or by email at

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