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The Community of Astorville

Astorville, Ontario

The Village of Astorville was founded in 1885 by Joseph Alphonse Levesque. He named the area "Tete du Lac," or "Head of the Lake."  In 1901, the area was renamed Levesqueville and in 1904 it was renamed yet again, this time Nosbonsing. In 1905, in honour of the first missionary in the area, the Village was renamed Astorville after Father Antonin Astor.

Father Astor helped the community through the difficult years following the withdrawal of the J.R. Booth Company (a logging company) from the area. A true leader, he taught the people community agricultural skills and encouraged residents to market their products in North Bay. In 1904, Astorville's church caught fire and burned to the ground.  Once again, Father Astor and the community of Astorville rose to the challenge and by the following year they had constructed a new church. It was in that year, 1905, that the name of the Village was changed to Astorville.


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