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Property Taxes

Property tax bills are mailed out twice per year. The interim billing is mailed in early March and represents 50% of the prior years’ taxes. The final tax billing is mailed in early July after the Municipality adopts its budget and tax rates.  Both billings have two payment installments.

  • Interim billing installments are due by the last business day in the months of March and April.
  • Final billing installments are due by the last business day in the months of July and August.


2018 Property Tax Rate Information: 

2018 Tax Rate By-Law

2018 Property Tax Information Pamphlet


2017 Property Tax Rate Information: 

2017 Tax Rates

2017 Tax Rate By-Law

2017 Property Tax Information Pamphlet


2016 Property Tax Rate Information:

2016 Tax Rates

2016 Tax Rate By-Law

2016 Property Tax Information Pamphlet


2015 Property Tax Rate Information:

2015 Tax Rates

2015 Tax Rate By-law

2015 Property Tax Information Pamphlet


2014 Property Tax Rate Information:

2014 Tax Rates

2014 Tax Rate By-law

2014 Property Tax Information Pamphlet


The Municipality of East Ferris does not have the legal authority to amend the assessment roll without authorization from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Legal documentation for changes, additions and deletions of names is required. Mailing address change forms are available at the Municipal Office or on the website. Changes will be forwarded to MPAC on your behalf.

Mailing Address Change Form

Tax Roll Name Change Form

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