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Living in Northern Ontairo is a great way to experience wildlife.  However, there are some wildlife that can become a nuisance.  Generally speaking, it is the property owners' responsiblity to ensure that any issues on their property does not impact their neighbours. 

Nuisance Beavers

When beavers build dams, this can cause a back up of creeks and rivers throughout the Municipality. If a river is backed up in several locations and one dam gives way, it can cause flooding on other properties or roadways. The Municipality makes every effort to monitor culverts and ditches on an ongoing basis, however, property owners are encouraged to monitor waterways on private land to resolve any beaver problems early.

The Ministry of Natural Resources licenses local trappers for certain geographical areas. Trappers, with an agreement from the property owner, can be contracted to remove the nuisance beaver. 

For options on how to control beaver on private lands, read this edition of Extension Notes.

Black Bears

Black bears are located in the area as well.  The Ministry of Natural Resouces has had a Bear Wise Program that provides tips and information on how to prevent the bears from becoming a nuisance.  Please refer to the following Fact Sheet with additional information.

If a bear is on your property and there is a urgent threat, please call 911 and the Ontario Provinical Police will respond to assist you. 

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