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Planning in Ontario

What is Planning?

  • Planning is the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of urban and rural communities. (CIP website)

What Can Planning do for a Community?

Contributes to the sustainability of safe, healthy, and secure communities.  Planning deals with various issues, such as: 

  • The conversion of land from natural habitats to built areas;
  • The maintenance and use of natural resources and habitats;
  • The development of transportation related infrastructure; and 
  • Environmental protection.

Land Use Planning Affects:

  • Social and community services;
  • Management of cultural and heritage resources;
  • Creation of economic development in local communities; and
  • Transportation and infrastructure.

Planning Seeks Answers to:

  • How do we serve the community’s needs?
  • How do we provide and maintain the daily services that make life pleasant and efficient?
  • How do we add to the community without destroying its past?
  • How do we sustain our environment for the present and renew it for the future?

Planning in the Community: 

  • A planner is a trained professional who works to improve the quality of Ontario's communities and environment.
  • Planners work in various sectors including government, consulting firms, private industry, and universities and colleges. (OPPI website)

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Learn More about Planning in Ontario: The Planning Framework in Ontario

1. Ontario Planning Act

  • The Ontario Planning Act is a Provincial Act that establishes the planning framework in Ontario

2. Provincial Plans (E.g. Northern Growth Plan)

  • These plans are tailored to specific areas of the province for example, Northern Ontario or the 'Greater Golden Horseshoe'

3. Provincial Legislation (e.g. Endangered Species Act, Environmental Protection Act, Clean Water Act etc.)

  • These pieces of legislation deal with specific concerns that affect land use planning for instance, the habitat of endangered or threatened species or water quality issues.

4. Official Plan

  • Official Plans are policy documents specific to a Municipality.  Official Plans establish land use goals and objectives for a community and provide general statements regarding how the residents of the community and locally elected officials (local councils) wishes to see a community develop.

5. Zoning By-laws

  • Zoning By-laws implement the policies of the Official Plan by establishing laws/rules for land use. 

6. Site Specific Site Plan Control Agreements

  • Site plan control allows municipalities to enter into agreements to address on site issues such as:
  1. The look and placement of the property and natural features;
  2. Development adjacent to environmental constraints;
  3. The implementation of natural visual barriers (e.g. implementation of vegetative buffers) and;
  4. The type of materials that can be used on the property.
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