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Recreation & Leisure

East Ferris is a progressive and adaptive community that offers a desirable life style through the provision of quality parks, facilities and programs.

The role of the Municipality in the delivery of parks and recreation programs takes a customized approach that considers the community needs, the capacity to deliver programs and the capacity of residents to support programs and services. As is the case with most municipalities, East Ferris has opportunities and barriers to attaining a level of success in terms of recreation programs and services.

These Guiding Principles are core statements that define important elements in setting the vision for the Municipality and work in determining priorities as the Municipality moves toward achieving its full potential.

Healthy and Active Community
A concentrated effort will be placed on promoting and providing activities that promote physical activity, social interaction and skill development for all target markets within the Municipality.

Inclusive and Collaborative Approach
In order to offer programs and services based on community input, a process will be developed that allows for interaction amongst staff, volunteers and citizens to determine community needs and the ability of the Municipality to work cooperatively with its citizens to offer efficient and effective recreational opportunities.

Maximize use of Existing Facilities
Maintain an infrastructure that will meet the needs of the citizens and will create opportunities to maximize the use of facilities that contribute to the health and well-being of citizens in a manner that is fiscally responsible and driven by a high level of customer service.

Use and Non-Abuse of the Environment
Manage and maintain the many natural areas within the Municipality by respecting the natural environment while at the same time offering a wide variety of programs and services that will allow individuals and families to enjoy the amenities offered by the natural environment.

Maximize Programs and Services through Partnerships and Awareness
Continue to work with key stakeholders, local expertise and volunteers within the Municipality to ensure that programs and services are adapting to the needs of the citizens in an efficient and effective manner and develop a communications strategy that provides a high level of awareness as to what services and programs are available.

The detailed listing of programs and facilities are listed under the PLAY section of the website. 

Additional information on the Guiding Principles and department priorities are available as part of the Economic Development Strategic Plan and Facility Master Plan.

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