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The following are regulatory By-laws available for viewing online. Click the By-law to view the page.

 Animal Control (2014)

ATV's on Municipal Roads

Council Member Pregnancy, Birth and/or Adoption of Child Leave Policy By-Law

Municipal Alcohol Policy (2014)

Noise By-Law (2016)

Parking By Law

Procedural By Law (2019)

Property Standards

Rules for Burning

Septic Pump Out

 Sign By-law

Speed Limits (2012)

User Fees and Charges By-law (2016)

Waste Management

Below is a list of all By-laws passed for each year from 1999 to present.  If you would like a copy of a by-law in one of the lists please email the Municipality at and a copy will be provided.

 2014 By-laws (as of April 2014)
2013 By-laws  2012 By-laws 2011 By-laws
2010 By-laws 2009 By-laws 2008 By-laws
2007 By-laws 2006 By-laws 2005 By-laws
2004 By-laws 2003 By-laws 2002 By-laws
2001 By-laws 2000 By-laws 1999 By-laws
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