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Land Use Planning seeks to find a balance between needs of people and the natural environment.  Land use planning establishes where people live, work and play within their community.  Planning can assist in the health, safety, mobility and aesthetics of a community. 

The Municipality of East Ferris has a Planning Department to assist you with plans for your property or potential purchase of property. 

Staff administers the planning and development of the Municipality in accordance with the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statements, the Northern Growth Plan and the Municipality’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law. 

The Municipal Official Plan and Zoning By-law sets out the designations and the permitted uses on each parcel of land. There are specific setback requirements and your development may be affected by additional legislation. 

The Planning Department can meet with you to discuss your future plans and how they may relate to the planning regulations followed by Council.  There are times when an Official Plan Amendment, or Zoning By-law Amendment, a Consent to Sever, a Site Plan Control Agreement or even a Minor Variance is required in order to achieve your goals.  The application process can be lengthy so it is important to consult early. 

The Municipality has two Planning Committees to assist Council with planning matters. 

  1. Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)
  2. Committee of Adjustment (CofA)

For information on any 'planning' aspect within the Municipality of East Ferris, please contact the Municipal Office.

Further information related to all types of planning applications and their functions can be found on the Government of Ontario website: Click here.

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