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Half-loads in Effect

Spring is almost here and half-load season begins in the Municipality of East Ferris and in most places in Ontario.
Half-load means that the maximum load per axle on our roads is limited to 5 tonnes. Half-load is in effect to protect our municipal roads every year from March 1st to May 15th. This is the time of year where winter ends and spring starts, it is the transition where the frozen ground thaws out. The heat of the sun can warm the asphalt base to several degrees above freezing, while the ambient air temperature can often be well below zero. As snow and ice melts, it can permeate the asphalt in areas. When that water refreezes, say after sunset or during an especially cold night, the ice and trapped water will weaken the strength of the road up to six times its regular strength.
This traveling restriction is mostly intended for heavier loads, mainly trucking activity. If you are unsure about half-load and want to know more, please contact the Municipal Office.