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By-Law Enforcement Services

By-Law Enforcement is responsible for investigating concerns related to by-law contraventions and property standards issues.  Our approach to by-law enforcement is primarily complaint based.  We are committed to the delivery of professional by-law enforcement in a timely and effective manner.  In an effort to achieve compliance by the most effective and efficient means, we are reviewing some of our more common by-laws and setting fines so that we can effectively enforce them, and have adopted a Municipal Law Enforcement PolicyWe aim to achieve compliance with municipal by-laws through education and, as necessary, enforcement and prosecution. 

The primary goals of by-law enforcement are:

  • Public safety;
  • Maintenance of community standards that contribute to improving the quality of life in East Ferris; and
  • Management of behavioural and nuisance issues to promote a harmonious living environment for residents and their neighbours.

The majority of concerns that By-Law Enforcement Services is contacted about are:

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Anonymous calls or complaints will not be investigated. Complainant information is kept confidential.

Michael Bechard
By-Law Enforcement Officer
705-752-2740, ext. 227