Municipal Services

Emergency Management

An emergency can happen at any moment.  It is essential that everyone plans today to manage into the future.  It is everyone’s responsibilty to be prepared, this includes home owners, residents, agencies, first responders and the Municipality of East Ferris.

72 hour emergency kits should be assembled and kept in an easily accessible location. Home escape plans should also be prepared. For information of how to prepare an escape plan, please visit

In East Ferris, Council has prepared an Emergency Planbased on the most probable incidents with the highest level of consequences identified that will allow all departments to train and prepare in the event of a local disaster.  

Emergency Planning Mission Statement

"The Municipality of East Ferris through careful and comprehensive Emergency Planning, shall mitigate the impact that an emergency may have on the residents of the Municipality of East Ferris and those individuals and organizations actually involved in the emergency situation". 

If you or someone you know has a unique circumstance that will require special assistance during an emergency (oxygen, bed ridden, can’t walk, etc.) please fill out this form and provide it to the Municipal Office so that steps are taken to assist in the event of an emergency.